Fifty Shades to Fiddle

In ‘Fifty Shades to Fiddle,’ timeless violin themes are brilliantly performed, and the seductive story of the violinist and his muse, the violin, is told.

In the performance, passion and virtuosity come together with the fire of the gypsy violin, the desire and nostalgia of chansonniers like Brel and Aznavour, and the film music of Morricone.

The highly versatile violinist Micha Molthoff has performed with a variety of national and international artists, including Ute Lemper and Herman van Veen, and has played on concert stages all over the world.

Over the past twenty years, Micha has composed music for numerous documentary and feature films, theater productions, and dance performances. Micha’s music is influenced by Eastern European music, Argentine tango, and French, Spanish, and Dutch chansons and songs.

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Photo by Marco Bakker, art work by Carlo Feld, video by Larissa van Keulen