Micha Molthoff: The Virtuoso Storyteller on the Violin

Over the past few years, Micha Molthoff has emerged as an extraordinary storyteller on the violin, enchanting Dutch theaters with two music-theater programs. His first program, titled ‘A Fiddler on his Route,’ takes the audience on a captivating journey through the history of the violin he plays. This violin, named ‘San Filippo,’ has a unique origin, as it was crafted in 1993 using wood from the floor beams of the renowned Italian Uffizi Museum. The design of this violin is based on the Guarneri, the same model played by the world-renowned violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman, for whom Micha’s violin maker, Jamie Lazzara, created an additional instrument. The travels Micha undertook with this violin serve as a central theme in this program, creating an immersive experience.

In his second music-theater program, ‘Fifty Shades to Fiddle,’ there’s a nod to the famous book and film series, but don’t be misled by the title. While love is the overarching theme, the ‘fifty shades’ in this program represent the complexity and depth of human emotions and feelings explored. Music, as a medium, proves to be exceptionally well-suited to bring to life the countless nuances and sensations. The violin, as a specialized tool for this purpose, and Micha, as a virtuoso performer, play a special role in this narrative.

Micha Molthoff’s musical journey began at a young age in a musical family. His parents, both passionate amateur musicians, met in a youth orchestra, laying the foundation for his love of music. At just six years old, Micha added the guitar to his repertoire, but soon, the violin found a special place in his heart. Whenever his mother asked him to stop playing the violin, he simply switched instruments: piano, guitar, or even a homemade drum set became his temporary companions on his musical exploration.

His father, a dedicated enthusiast of musical notation, taught Micha the art of notation and encouraged him to record his own musical creations. Soon, notebooks filled with compositions, and father and son performed them together or recorded them with collected recording equipment. In the fifth grade of elementary school, Micha formed his first band, covering Beatles songs and performing his own compositions. In music school, he excelled in Mozart string quartets and soloed on the violin in various Vivaldi and Bach concerts.

However, Micha’s true virtuosity on the violin blossomed during his conservatory education, where he was taught by some of the greatest teachers, including the Elisabeth Concours winner Philip Hirshhorn. His incredible technique reached its peak under the guidance of Daniël van Zweden. Around his twenties, Micha and Daniël together formed a gypsy orchestra that toured the Netherlands and Europe, performing concerts and providing music for exclusive society events. During these tours, where the gypsy repertoire was always infused with virtuosic pieces by composers like Paganini, Wieniawski, and De Sarasate, Daniël served as a coach alongside Micha. In addition to classical and gypsy music, Micha also specialized in the Argentine tango, where the violin plays a distinctive role.

Micha’s musical journey brought him into contact with a wide range of artists and musical styles, making him an original musician with a unique personality. With an impressive list of renowned names and prestigious stages on his resume, Micha Molthoff has made his violin resonate in famous locations all over the world. He shared the stage with an imposing list of artists, including Herman van Veen, Van Dik Hout, Ute Lemper, Frédérique Spigt, Gé Reinders, Ana Saeki, Toon Hermans, Hector Zazou, and many others. His musical adventure spans from Europe to North and South America, Japan, and Australia, and everywhere he brings his unique passion for the violin to life. Micha Molthoff, the virtuoso storyteller on the violin, continues to enchant the world with his immersive musical journey.